WordPress Installation

ThemeSupport WordPress Installation Services

ThemeSupport.net is a leading provider of installation support for WordPress. Our WordPress installation service offerings include:

  • WordPress Theme Installation – We will install your theme
  • Home Page Configuration – We configure the theme’s home page to meet your exact specifications
  • Child Pages Creation – We will implement Child Pages such as product pages, contact us page, and an about page
  • Add Images / Video – We will add images and video, including embedding video from YouTube or Vimeo
  • Blog Configuration – We will set up your blog
  • Set Up Google Analytics – We will install and configure Google Analytics for your website
  • Add Plugins – We will install all required plugins for you
  • Add Custom Pages – We will custom create pages, even if it requires PHP, CSS, or HTML development
  • Add a Shopping Cart – We will add shopping cart functionality to create an ecommerce experience for your users to purchase directly from your site

Ask a WordPress Installation Question

Send us your question about WordPress installation and we will do our best to answer it for you.

    WordPress Installation Consultation

    ThemeSupport is a leader in WordPress Theme Installations. We provide a free consultation to discover the best installation options for your site.