X The Theme Overview

X The Theme is a leading seller of WordPress Themes. It has an intuitive user interface, making it easy to install and configure. The X Theme includes an element library that is rich with content for building out your site.

X Theme includes about 15 additional WordPress plugins pre-built into the theme, including Cornerstone, Videolock, Content Dock, MailChimp, Google Analytics and Facebook, for seamless integration with these elements.

ThemeSupport.net Support Details

ThemeSupport.net is the leading provider of third-party support of the X Theme WordPress Theme. Our support offering for this theme includes:

  • X Theme Installation – We provide installation support for the X Theme
  • X Theme Configuration – We configure the X Theme Template to tailor-meet any specific requirements
  • X The Theme Updates – We update the X Theme in a timely manner
  • X Theme Migration – We migrate sites between themes, helping them migrate either onto or off of the X Template
  • X Theme Plugins – We install third-party plugins for the X Theme
  • X Theme Security – We audit the X Theme to ensure it is secure and in cases where it was previously hacked we restore the site to its original state
  • X Theme Custom Development – We can custom develop the X Theme using CSS, HTML, HTML5, jQuery, Javascript, or PHP to make it match your business requirements

Ask an X Theme WordPress Question

Send us your question about the X Theme and we will do our best to answer it for you in a timely manner.

    Examples of Common Questions

    Q: My Customizer settings aren’t saving and are reverting back. How do I fix this?

    A: This is usually due to your browser cache not automatically clearing. Try to clear your browser cache.


    Q: I am having problems with the language translation feature. How do I resolve problems with the translation feature?

    A: View the internationalization page at WordPress.org (link:https://make.wordpress.org/polyglots/handbook/)


    Q: My business needs to integrate a 3rd party-plugin with X Theme, but it’s not working. Do you offer services around this?

    A: Yes, we can install any third-party plugin for you. Additionally, we are experts at the X Theme and can definitely help you with this.


    Q: Will this theme work for a ecommerce site?

    A: Yes, X Theme has the ability to be used for ecommerce via WooCommerce.

    X Theme Support Consultation

    ThemeSupport.Net is a leader in X Theme Support. We provide a free consultation to discover the best support options for your site.

      X Theme Details

      ThemeSupport Rating
      Created22 November 2013
      Compatible BrowsersIE9, IE10, IE11, FireFox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
      High ResolutionYes
      Widget ReadyYes